1 May 2012

For the Love of God, Damein Hirst

Last week I went to Tate museum, I was amused with the diamond skull I have to tell you how I felt when I show the creation..  The diamond skull is as amazing as the God would be if you ever come face to face with the God. The piece reflects the power and purity of God. The big diamond on the forehead symbols the supremacy of the God. The creation skull form of human shows the originality and love. " It has the kind of quietness. I never Imagined it would be so beautiful, when I was working on it I thought it might turn out to be a piece of tacky jewellery” says Damien Hirst the creator. Even the form of skull, which you would think portrays the negativity; but it creates the amazing positive vibe when you are around it. And made with such a perfection that you would love to keep looking at… 
If you are in London and have not been to see the exhibition I strongly recommend you, GO..

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