12 Jun 2012

Graduate fashion week dairy (Bournemouth university)

So I am at the graduate fashion week .. My first fashion week ever !!! Omg in I go with full of excitement .. and overwhelmed! I Feel like capturing every moment, recording erverything in my camera and in my dairy. But guess what !!!  you see so much of creative stuff going on that hard to digest in one day.
 Ok ok I get it!! (enough about what did you feel .. now What did you see ???) Well you meet and see people you always thrive to meet and  keep reading about, and admire!! and get lost in the jungle of creativity. 

Will tell  you all about in detail, I promise.  But first about the real stars of the show Future designers and great creativity. the collections are just mind blowing. 

Here,  have a look at some of my favorite designs. hope you enjoy ..

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