20 Jun 2012

Lovely Angela (@ GFW)

So here you are at GFW, Apart from creativity and future designers you come across some great people from industry, that you always thrive to see and admire. And then when you see/ meet them for real, you kindaa get excited (lost) and wanna speak to them (forget to click the pictures ) 

Just imagine people like Angela Scanlon, (just incase if you don't know her she is a gorgeous TV presenter. you can see from the photos how much I love her ) Sarah Leon, Jo Elvin Editor-in-chief of Glamour megazine. she is so lovely. love her sense of humor her style, she is just awesome. And Kate walsh from sunday times. she is one of the sweetest ladies I have met so far. she is so down to earth and just lovely (and I mean really lovely). And Gemma cairney from Radio1, well she is so friendly, and beautiful, and the list goes on!!

out of all these Ladies (so stupid me!!!) I could only capture Amanda.  (How can i miss everyone else !! oh well I guess that will make me wanna meet them again ) 

Angela is just so bueautiful, I loved her outfit, her  shoes her Jewellery OMG.  and best of all You talk to her first time and it already feels like she is your friend,  you know what I mean !! she just too sweet. :-)

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

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