5 Jun 2012

Summer Trend replica On the street


  1. I probably looked so ugly that you've decided to cut my head off! lol
    hope not :(

    1. Hi Shokovladka, oh no Infect it is other way around ! I loved your look so so much, but unfortunately when i met you i had the wrong lance on my camera and with in the distance I could not get any good full shot of yours !!!! :( Your style and outfit was so perfect for my blog post subject that I wanted to have your Photo in it any ways .... I hope you don't mind it !!! promise you next time I will take best shot !!!

      I am so happy to get in touch with you through IFB, such a small world, Isn't it? I have checked out your blog it is really interesting . I just need to take few more minutes to look at it in to detail..
      Good night ..
      Big hug xxx

  2. Omg thank you! I will be glad :) anytime!
    I live your blog too!
    It's far more proffetional than mine, really enjoying it.

    1. thank you so much :) lots of love xxx


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