25 Aug 2012

Story of black dress, Gabriella Farr,

It is so chic to design your own clothes and go out in something that no one else is wearing and attract all eyes on you!

It is like no one can understand your style and your figure better than your self. And you can tell the whole story of your feelings in your own outfit.  Oh no no! I am neither sleep talking nor telling you the story of my dreams.  I am talking about Gabriella, she is a designer. I saw sitting and enjoying her puffs of smoke and I fell in love with her style. Such an unusual feminine black dress and her Jewellery.  Isn’t it so beautiful!! and her bun and fringe all work so great together. 

These days, I find myself taking pictures of style that I always loved to have and can’t have it. Just like Gabriella’s fringe every time go to my hair dresser, I beg her to cut me a cool fringe and she would not listen to me! She goes  “it will not suit your face ” and I end up with same old layers !!!

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